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Get to walk in History and you visit the many Countries of Europe.  Local cuisines like bratwurst, chees, herring or ice wine can be enjoyed and after relax in popular European Cafes.  Whether it is coastline or Alpine regions Europe has it all as a standout tourist destination.  The finest theatres and museum and arts beckon with the easy to access transport options.  And lets not forget the fashion and designer boutiques.  English is spoken in most Countries so language will not be a problem.
We can tailor specialty multi country tours of Europe and some of our popular requests are –
  1. City tours/London/Paris/Barcelona/Rome
  2. Dance workshops/Acting workshops/Singing workshops
  3. Westend shows and backstage tours
  4. Euro Disney performance and workshop
  5. Workshop with dance team from the cruise
  6. Cruise performance
  7. Group dinners
  1. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  2. Visit the Louver Museum
  3. Hear the Bells at the Cathedral Notre-Dame
  4. Learn dance at the Moulin Rouge
  5. Have fun in the Latin Quarter


  1. See Buckingham Palace and perhaps steal a glance of the Queen
  2. Ride The London Eye
  3. Travel the London Underground
  4. Be scared at the Tower of London
  5. Cross the Thames on the Emirates Air Line Cable Car


  1. Appreciate history and drama at the Colosseum
  2. See Christianity at St Peter’s Basilica and Vatican City
  3. Get lucky at the Trevi Fountain
  4. Climb the stairs at Centro Storico and the Spanish Steps
  5. Learn the Tarantella – couples folk dance of Italy


  1. Learn to dance the Flamenco
  2. See the amazing and different Park Guell
  3. View the majestic Basilica de la Sagrada Familia
  4. Walk through the Barri Gotic
  5. Be amazed at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic


  1. Learn to do the clog dance
  2. History and more at the Van Gogh Museum
  3. Learn about humanity at the Anne Frank House
  4. Experience royalty at the Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam
  5. Be naughty and visit the Amsterdam Red Light District


  1. See the sights of the majestic Switzerland
  2. Ride the Bernina Express
  3. Drive from Liechtenstein to Zurich – two countries in one day
  4. Learn the unique folk dancing of the Swiss
  5. Take the funicular and cable car at Piz Nair

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