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A family holiday each year is important to bond and connect with your family away from busy work lives.  But why not incorporate your luxury travel and get your kids some dance classes whilst cruising.  Cruising is the ultimate destination to relax and unwind and what better way to do that whilst the children are engaged in dance school.  But this is not available on every vessel so it is important that you do the homework and here are some tips for you…

Best Cruise Ships For Kids


This cruise line has a complete program for kids and will keep them entertained each and every day.  Apart from scheduling dance classes the offer the Adventure Ocean Program for 3-17 years old’s with supervised activities the whole day long.  You can simply drop off your kids from 9am and they will be kept busy until 5pm.  There is a nominal charge though but well worth the cost.
In addition to the standard cruse offers the Royal Caribbean also offers Celebrity Cruises option offering kids facilities and entertainment.  Here are some of the most populate ports of the Royal Caribbean –


When it is variety for the kids that you want there is definitely no way that you can pass up this line.  With hundreds of activities, waterslides, kids club families have been attracted and amazed at the sheer abundance of things to do on board a ship.  Of course organised dance classes at their well equipped entertainment school are on the agenda but if you want to be spoiled for choice there is no comparison to the rest.


Here at pure dance tours we can tailor group tours for kids in many destinations of the world with events being organised on a bi-annual basis.  Here are some of our past port of calls –
  1. Performance
  2. Workshop with cruise performers
  1. City tours/London/Paris/Barcelona/Rome
  2. Dance workshops/Acting workshops/Singing workshops
  3. Westend shows and backstage tours
  4. Euro Disney performance and workshop
  5. Workshop with dance team from the cruise
  6. Cruise performance
  7. Group dinners

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